One month ago

Early may 2008, my good friend, Ed B (B for Biker), brought me to two very different places.

I had been his happy guest for a day and a hald when we went to the baths, a "bear at the sauna" afternoon - quite nice. The sauna wasn't really large, but since there had been an XXL night before, there weren't many people. Apart from the pure sauna levels, there was a lower backroom (more "individual" closets) and an upper backroom (more group-oriented). A nice gentleman kneeled before me in the wet sauna, but I had to get off of it because the heat was becoming far too unbearable for me - and the nice gentleman was asking me to perform something I didn't want to. I wandered through the levels, in search of Ed, sometimes. I met a guy in a darker room who invited me to, er, share his best assets (get it ?). Nice, but I had to stop him before a certain thing happened - some places must be penetrated with caution and protection. All the while I was, er, behind him, another man carressed me, pinched my nipples and pressed his own body to mine - he had that nice thought of not trying to invade me unprotected, which was a plus. Unfortunatly, the younger and slighter (paki, actually), wasn't too strong to suffer the added weight and fled before I could reach that vaunted orgasm. Nevermind... a few mintes later, I found Ed servicing a older gentleman, while watching a very heary, very big endowed man being pounded. I joined them, but the trio ended in a duo because Ed had gone over the limit and well... everything went well until that SOB came and first tried to fuck my partner raw (and couldn't) and tried to fuck me raw. I actually had to yell a very loud "No you won't" for him to stop - gestures had proved futile. Twenty minutes later we rode off to Ed's for he wanted to watch Dr Who.

Now off to his local leather bar. We had searched for clothes I could have worn but had been unluck - my unsual size was the source of our bad luck. Leather items were far too expensive for me. So, Ed ended up with that idea : he had me wear his leather shoes, my "military like" trousers (kind of greenish), and his harness - the point was I felt weird, especially since breathing became hard. That place wasn't exactly like the leather bars I'd already been to. Nice and warm. I felt out of place. Un-sexy because I felt misplaced. As shy as I can ever be, I watched, drunk (not a lot) and did nothing - thanks to Ed and a friend of his, I at least had some good time (really softer sex, actually, given the place - soft and very, very safe). I'm afraid I "forced" Ed to go home early.

It should not be said that I would have spent this wonderful weekend in London without having sex with Ed - of course, we did some cock-sucking back at the Leather Bar, but the true, splendind, tender situation came on the last night - nothing rough, just cuddling, masturbating and, yes, sucking and cumming. Nice and warm, as I love it.