Fall from Grace

Yesterday, I read on a porn related news group that another "formerly famous pornstar" had made the jump to bareback movies. Josh W had been transforming his body for quite somethime now and he reminded me of some positive friends I had who had turned to steroids and creatine and etc. to prove to themselves that they were neither dying nor ugly. I'm afraid I found Josh getting uglier these days, not just because of a kind of nostalgia - I'd met him by chance a long time ago and he seemed fresh and alive, but because he seemed somewhat sad. He must be positive, I guess, which in itself is far from being - er - nice. It won't help you everyday see the bright morning sun that life can be.

That actor, actually, had hit the bottom realisation : he was good only at one thing and that involved getting f****d or at the very least escorting. He knew he had no other job available to him, because he had nothing to present should he try to get hired. No résumé outside of pron flicks and mild hustling.

Was he forced into going bareback ? I wouldn't give a straight ''no''. He himself wrote a few months back that he hadn't been called by majors studios (Falcon and the like) for sometime. Hustling/escorting was not going well either. Although nobody coerced him, he most certainly had no real other option. Hints were given in a recent interview he'd released back in octobre/vovember as I recall.

A trend no more

I've watched bareback porn. I've seen both cumeating and raw fucking - and worse. I've felt bad by being excited by it. Death and suicide are no excitin pill for me. Especially nowadays. A friend of mine who brought me these movies has also grown tired of them - no the "bore" that some Falcon production (always the same type of men, the same actions, the same scenario with vague changes), not the bore of seing people treated like... no more than mere walking flesh. That, also, is very different, I mean subjectively speaking, from the old 70's/early 80's movies that were also shot without condoms - and whose "heroes" have since died of AIDS related diseases.
Some bareback movies have played on the ''I only do it with my boyfriend'' attitude (like those Cazzo's Private things). Most have played with younger guys (eastern, western, does it relly matter) who were not really aware of what they were doing. A recent case of three young english lads who say they've been contaminated when filming is just another case of foolishness. I for one thing S.E.V.P and others who have (supposedly) negative young men (also "gay for pay" BTW) fuck each-others raw to be both inhumane and criminal in many ways : playing with their actor's life, having them think that "eating cum and raw fucking without spewing in the ass" are not that unsafe (or even safe), paying people more than the "normal" rates juste for them to go bareback, etc. The last point is, of course, the mere exhibit of bareback : what will youngsters (hoping they're adult) do when they do have sex ? We all know sexuality is begun when masturbating to porn flicks - will they have enough retenue to protect themselves when times are ripe ?
Some say that, at least, Treasure Island (cf. article on their star Dawson in Têtu) or SX (the company Josh has just played), Hot Desert Knights (featured in a set of documentaries I've bought) and others  are lesser problems : their actors are all positive. Though I'm not sure whether this is true for the ones getting sucked, I know it is for those sucking and fucking. Yet a lesser evil still is an evil. In that case, it's more about the individual's health and STDs that can be pains in the ass for HIV+ people - hepatites, herpes, and all sorts of things can be even more devastating. Yet again we stille have to remember the impact it can have on people watching the videos. And thinking of it, all of them are not youngsters.

Blow jobs

One particular point for me is about sucking and cum-eating. Fucking, well I guess everybody knows those risks undertaken by both partners - or all partners... the risks rising with the number of partners, the dehydratation following use of alcohol, poppers, etc.
Most of us never suck with a condom. We know that our buccal health is at stakes here - and I'm not sure everyone knows exactly their dental health when they service their partner. For people like I who produce an awful lot of pre-cum (preseminal lubrification liquid) this can be tricky since pre-cum can contain HIV. And even in the case of a drier penis, cut or natural, the glans can have micro-cuts, the foreskin can be inflammated, etc. In a nutshell : one's dick and the other's mouth are always vulnerable, even during mild blowjobs !
Then, there is cum-eating. A danger flag should be risen here. It's no game. Even cuming on your partner's cheeks (especially since that parnter's had a recent shave) is very risky. While your stomach should really be well protected, neither your mouth or your throat are... Let's remember that Aids is contracted when a liquid (sperm) enters contact with your blood throught minor wounds (micro-cuts among them, but usual disorders also apply). Swallowing your parnter's cum is a risky business, unless you're in the safer zone (having been monogamous for a good 3 months and recently tested negative).
Think about it !

Bright models for ever or gloomy "no future"

I can only hope that won't happen to people like François S (who I still find kind of hot, and a little more intelligent than most people consider him to be) or cumpadre (yet, vile pun on word) Rémy D (or is it Rémi D).

(Billet écrit le 10/01/2008 avec accès restreint tant que je n'avais pas vérifié mes sources)