We were supposed to be presented with what should be done for the transition between the "historical" center near Bastille to the new one near Beaubourg. The president, Christine, who should have met us, was sick and could not come, and neither could either member of the staff, Ludo or Maryline.

Actually, I did enjoy staying there, behind the counter as I'd done for the past few years. As a matter of fact, there weren't anybody left to meet people coming to the Center. Thus, hat I felt forced to stay and wait, rightfully and enjoyably I must say. I met "normal" users of the Center (namely tourists) and other members of other LGBT commissions (sportsmen and women, political activists...) to whom I had to explain Christine's begin sick and away.

Although I didn't know much, I still helped some of them - who didn't know what they, as "1901 association", had to do when the Center would move out of Bastille to Beaubourg. Administrative things that have to be done include organising a extraordinary meeting of their boards, designing the new Center as their headquaters, and changing the official post adress, of course. Otherwise, I was none the wiser about what would happen, especially when it would happen !

I left the Center in the capable hands of Helem, the lebanese-center LGBT organisation, and came back home so early I startled Alain when I came back home.